Subject OAT & Read Commited Transactions
Author Rodrigo Gonçalves

reading about transactions isolation on a Borland's article, I've found the


However, with InterBase 7.1 SP 1 and later not every active transaction will
cause the OAT to stick. Here are the rules.

1. A read only read committed transaction can remain open indefinitely
without causing the OAT to stick.
2. A read/write read committed transaction can remain open
indefinitely as long as you call commit retaining each time the transaction
updates the database.
3. Any snapshot transaction will stick the OAT. Snapshot transactions
should be committed as soon as possible to prevent performance degradation.

Note that these rules apply only to InterBase 7.1 SP 1 and later. In earlier
versions of InterBase any active transaction will stick the OAT."
( the article can be found at,1963,32280,00.html )

Is there some improvement regarding OAT & Commit Retaining in the upcoming
Firebird 2?


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