Subject Inserting Rows into DB
Author Richard Thomas
Hi All:
I have successfully created a Firebird Database, table and am now ready to
insert some test data. I've read about the INSERT FROM syntax.
It appears that the examples insert one row at a time using the VALUES
clause. In my program I will read from a CSV or Random Access file or get
some data for several rows, perhaps 30 to 100 in some other way, then want
to insert these new rows into the FB database table. Is there some syntax
to build multiple VALUES list entries and insert them with one execute
statement I can research further?
Or, do I have to loop through the logic to define the COLUMN VALUES for each
row and perform an EXECUTE for each row I want to insert?
I'm considering performance, of course.
Just some keywords would help me research further as I've been through many
GOOGLE pages and only found the FROM where it uses another SELECT statement
on a DB TABLE to supply VALUES in this way.
Thanks for any pointers.
By the Way, all your help has worked and I'm now able to use Firebird with
Liberty Basic under the ODBC32 Driver Manager!
Rick Farmington Mich. USA