Subject Undefined service gds_db/tcp error
Author petesouthwest
I have some beta software being tested by a client. The software runs
fine on all of my machines but one tester is seeing several apparently
random errors including this one:

exception class : EIB_ISCError
exception message : ISC ERROR CODE:335544721ISC ERROR MESSAGE:Unable to
complete network request to host "XXX".Failed to locate host
machine.Undefined service gds_db/tcp..

I have set the project to use fbclient.dll using a file containing the
IB_Constants.IB_GDS32 := 'fbclient.DLL';

Which gets added to the uses clause my project.

The `client install' includes installing Firebird-
with Parameters: "/silent /NOGDS32 /COMPONENTS=""ClientComponent"""
and the full install of Firebird- has parameters:
/silent /NOGDS32

Can anyone suggest what is happening? If I'm getting the message
`Undefined service gds_db/tcp' does that mean the software isn't using

Apparently sometimes there are no errors at all and software runs fineĀ….

Many thanks