Subject Can't open a DB with FB 1.5.1 Classic
Author Bill Meaney
I can't get FB Classic to open a DB.

I usually use FB 1.5.1 SS. I uninstalled SS, deleted the \Firbird folder
and all copies of FBClient.dll and GDS32.dll. I installed FB Classic from
Firebird- The installation runs without error. When I
try to open Security.fdb with SYSDBA and masterkey I get errors.

From a BDE application I get "BDE Error: 10036", "Unknown user name or
password. unavailable database"

From EMS QuickDesk 2.0 I get "Unsuccessful execution caused by an
unavailable resource. unavailable database"

I have no problems opening the db when I install FB 1.5.1 or 1.5.3 SS.

What am I missing?

Bill Meaney

P3 850Mhz
256MB mem
W2k Pro