Subject Re: [firebird-support] Embedded errors
Author Helen Borrie
At 07:05 PM 12/05/2006, you wrote:
>Sorry for posting this again, but no solution found.
>Is there any who know
>solution for this ? Adam adviced what could be a
>problem, but I don't know
>how to solve it. Once again, sory for sending post
> >> I am preparing catalogue application which we will use embeded
>version of Firebird 1.5.3. I made instalation application with ino
>setup compiler for this application to install.

> >> I am testing it, and on 2 exactly same Win98 machines ( with
> Interbase 6.0 already installed on both machines) i have diferent
> results. On one machine everything works fine - on other I am
> receiving folowing error when I start my catalogue application:
> "Interbase Client Library GDS32.DLL is not installed".
> >> Is this error mesage caused by IB 6.0 ?

Yes. Firebird doesn't give Interbase messages. But the cause may be
that you have no firebird.msg installed in the application directory.

>If yes, why it works on other same machine without errors?

Because *something* is different.

So, check your application code, where it loads the client
library. If it is looking for gds32.dll, and there is no gds32.dll
(i.e. a renamed fbembed.dll) in the application directory, then your
application is going to load gds32.dll from the system directory and
try to connect to InterBase.

That's what Adam was trying to help you to examine and solve. Only
you know what your script tried to do...

Hint: if your application *does* need to use a client named
gds32.dll, then check the sizes and versions of the gds32.dll in the
application directory, to be certain that both are the renamed fbembed.dll.