Subject Multiply CASE in SQL statement
Author majstoru

I hava a little complicated request from one of my client for a
Article price.

The request is that I have a 1000 articles (for a sample) each article
is in one of 5 group of article, each grou have a price category!

For example:
Group1: SELECT Price FROM Article WHERE Id = :ID
Group2: SELECT C.Price FROM Catalog C, Article A WHERE C.Article = AND A.Id = :ID
Group3: SELECT A.Price * P.Param_price FROM Articla WHERE P.Date = :
. . .

Here we are! I need to write a SQL statement which will fetch price
from one of theese 3 SQL statement which is depent on which article
group is belong that article!

I think that CASE will solve this but, can I use multiply CASE into
one SQL statement and if I can, what is sintax?

Thanks for ALL help!