Subject Re: Firebird Hanging
Author Glebas

> I've gotten a few reports since install that my application
> just "freezes". Some reports can be run but data entry freezes
> up (order entry, check writing, etc).

> I have not been able to dial in to check the FB log yet.

There will be probably nothing interesting in it.
At least, nothing about freezing. :)

> I did dial in this AM, ran a "mend" batch file which is an excerpt
> Helen's book to validate, mend, validate, backup and restore the
> from a copy of the live one. This seems to fix the freezing

Especially, restore :)

> Has anyone run into something like this before? This client used
to be on =

I also have this problem with FB153SS freezing on Win2003 server.

Currently, I have three suspects:

1) FB2RC1 release notes in the Bug fixed section contains this:

> SF #1385092 A TCP/IP connection would appear to freeze the
> Superserver if it was disconnected abnormally while a large
> packet, e.g. a BLOB or a large SQL request, was being passed
> across the interface.

2) Long-lasting or dead (eg. lost connection) write transaction
may cause another client running transaction to wait until the
problematic transaction either commits or rollbacks itself.
This may appear as freezing.

3) Fetching huge result-set may appear to the client as freezing.
Check if your client application allows that. Have progress bars
whenever possible for users to see if it is doing something big
or it is actually freezing.

What is worse, if some impatient people experience freezing, they
tend to turn the computer off, which results in lost connection
and improving chances of further freezing because of unfinished
transaction until it is detected as such.

Also, nightly garbage collection (sweep) is very healthy.