Subject Firebird Hanging
Author Kevin Stanton
Good Day,
I have recently (within the last couple of months) installed Firebird 1.5 on
a duel processor system running FB Classic. The server is running MS
Windows 2003 server and has a ton of disk space and 3 GB of RAM. I believe
it is HP hardware running Raid 5 with duel processors.

I've gotten a few reports since install that my application just "freezes".
Some reports can be run but data entry freezes up (order entry, check
writing, etc). The database itself is getting large (to me anyway) at about
1.8 GB, dialect 1, forced writes are on as well as OldParamOrdering is on
due to my still using an older version of IBO.

I have not been able to dial in to check the FB log yet.

I did dial in this AM, ran a "mend" batch file which is an excerpt from
Helen's book to validate, mend, validate, backup and restore the database
from a copy of the live one. This seems to fix the freezing problem.

Has anyone run into something like this before? This client used to be on a
single processor machine running FB SS and we never ran into this situation.
According to their hardware support folk, there are no reports of disk

I'm contemplating uninstalling FB CS and installing FB SS with the affinity
set to 1 CPU to see if this is the problem.

Thanks in advance for all replies.