Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: Triggers to automagically add/modify/delete data in another table ?
Author Alan McDonald
> Hi Adam,
> It seems like a strange requirement, that information contained solely
> > in TableA is enough to correctly populate TableB. Are you sure TableB
> > should not simply be a view?
> >
> My exact scenario is:
> Table A (contains income money transactions)
> FIeldID Field1 Field2 Field3
> Table B (contain contability, income money transactions + others income
> money transactions - outcome money transactions)
> FieldID Field1 Field3 FieldID_TableA
> Field1 and Field3 of Table B store the same kind of data of the same field
> of table A
> Field1_TableA need to me to mantain a link to data of Table A
> So, what do you think is the best and correct solution for that scenario ?
> Thanks
> Adriano

I think they call that debit and credit columns in the one table.