Subject Re: [firebird-support] Using a Mapped FB Database for Application
Author Gaurav Sood
> >Is there a way to connect to this remote database ?
> Yes, use either TCP/IP (recommended) or WNET (not so great, but at
> least it's supported.)
> Both require the node name of the host machine in the network, that
> is, the host name that corresponds to the IP address of that machine.
> Suppose you have the Firebird server running on a host named "myhost"
> and the database is located on that machine in
> c:\CasalaV32\myDB.fdb. Then, your connection strings are as follows:
> for TCP/IP: myhost:c:\CasalaV32\myDB.fdb
> For WNET: \\myhost\c:\CasalaV32\myDB.fdb
> In aliases.conf, you could have
> latrobe = c:\CasalaV32\myDB.fdb
> Then, for TCP/IP, you can substitute the alias into the connection path:
> myhost:latrobe

I tried changing the .ini file to the following using your suggestions. For
some reason, the Applicatoin does not give an error, and does not actually
show up on the screen, however, I can see the process in Taskmanager...

Language=Australian English

I believe I don't actually know how to check the 'host name' of this REMOTE
pc. Pinging it from a command line gave me IP:

using this instead of pc340xp, does the same as above ( creates a process
without an interface ).

What am I missing ?

Thanks again,


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