Subject Getting MetaData for Database
Author Richard Thomas
Hi All:
It seems I've established a connection to the EMPLOYEE.FDB from within my
Liberty Basic program as I'm getting what appears to be a valid handle -
I've been Reading up on what I might do next to check the connection. There
is the SQLLGetFunctions statement which Might work. Also, there are several
SQL Functions that return information about the DataBase.
Which Function would give the easiest overview of the DataBase Structure of
Tables and Columns? Something like the Extract command in ISQL which
returned the MetaData would work as well. For now the simplest statement is
what I'm looking for as I'll have to set up the DataFields in Liberty Basic
to accomidate the results set.
This will be my first attempt to access the DataBase using the handle from
the SQLDriverConnect.
Thanks for any suggestions on further research:
Rick USA