Subject Moving from wxp to linux64 problem
Author nxciro
I am trying to move a database
from a wxp machine running firebird SS 1.5.3
to a suse9.2 64 machine running SS 2.0RC1 64

this where the steps

gbak -b -t -v MYTEST.FDB MYTEST.FBK -user sysdba -password mypass

gbak runs to finish without problems and I move the
MYTABLE.FBK file to the linux machine
there I run

gbak -r -v MYTEST.FBK MYTEST.FDB user sysdba password mylinuxpass

and I get following message:

gbak: ERROR:size specification either missing or incorrect
for file MYTEST.FDB
gbak:Exiting before completion due to errors

Question :
What did I do wrong ?
The same error message shows up if I do not
use the -t switch during backup.

Firebird 2.0RC1 64 runs fine with other databases
created with isql.