Subject ODBC Requirements
Author Richard Thomas
Hi All:
I'm running Firebird Super Server trying to use ODBC. First, do I have to define the DataBase DSN in the Windows Control Panel, Admin, Data Sources, ODBC fields? I don't see the Firebird Driver listed for drivers under the Windows Admin Tools either. Second, is there a good tutorial on using the ODBC API calls? For example, what calls do I need to make in order to perform allocation functions, connection and related housekeeping and in what order for a FB DataBase?
I have examples of using the Windows ODBC32 dll's with SQL Server and an Access DataBase under Liberty Basic. One diference was the inclusion of a passed literal "server=xxxx" in the SQL Server sample program but I don't see anything in the Firebird ODBC Documentation about that particular requirement for the FB connect string.
Anyway, I'm up for more learning so will appreciate any pointers.
In the mean time I'll go back and re-read everything to see if I missed something.
Farmington Mich, USA

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