Subject Helen's Book
Author Richard Thomas
Hi Helen:
I'm blind using the WindowEyes Screen reader. I'd like to get your book in
Txt format, or something, as my reader has some trouble with PDF Documents
and, from what Ive read, the one offered is not friendly for even sighted
readers. OK, that said, how can I get a copy of your book that I might be
able to use? I can get on BookShare, and there is another BlindFriendly
WebLibrary but I forget what it's called. I don't know if you've ever
encountered this before so let me know if you have an idea. I want to use
FireBird as a data base with Liberty Basic using ODBC to get at the data
base from within my desk-top programs. I need the whole thing starting from
a simple installation etc... so I thought your book would be the best
starting point.
Last thing, what about the IBPhoenix support or Development Cd? and is that
the same as InterBase?
Thank You for any help or pointers.
Rick Thomas Farmington Michigan USA