Subject Firebird API calls
Author gregor_m2
Hi folks,
Is anybody familiar with using isc_dsql_sql_info() and

I've checked the function isc_dsql_sql_info() with isc_info_sql_records
as parameter to retrive the records count and it seems not to work. The
value 2 is always returned into the buffer.
The function isc_dsql_sql_info() was called once after successful
execution of isc_dsql_prepare() and then after successful execution of
Results were always the same, the value 2 in the buffer.
Also the function isc_dsql_exec_immed2() seems to work incorrectly.
I used it to execute a query 'select count(*) from aTable', and
the wrong value (very high) is returned all the time.
Thanks for every remark in advance.

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