Subject Services Manager/Security 1.5 & 2.0 Field Lengths
Author Alan McDonald
Applies to security.fdb & security2.fdb
I can see that the users table has First, Middle, Last name fields as
Now, if I make a direct update (SQL Update statement) of values to these
fields (like I'm used to doing pre 2.0), I can set values of strings of 33
bytes long.
But if I make an update via the services manager, I can get only 17
characters into these fields.
Can someone tell me whether I should be looking at a bug in the services
manager component code (IBOADMIN) or if I'm wasting my time, i.e. 17 chars
is the maximum that services manager will work on (i.e. it truncates lengths
past 17).
In fact, the services manager will retrieve all 33 chars and I can see that
it sends all 33 chars but once transmitted via the services manager buffer
it will only store 17 chars.
Or is this all a function of the UNICODE_FSS charset?

Alan McDonald