Subject Re: Firebird Restarting part 2
Author Michael Vilhelmsen
> I have a timer. It gets reset every time they save. If they leave it
> the e.g. 5 minute default setting, the save button action is fired
for them.
> I have to admin that with IBO, this is a no brainer since IBO
permits this
> with next to no noticeable change in the users' interface. all
records are
> still resting on the currently selected record.
> It was impossible to achieve this with IBX components since IBX does not
> manage the clientside buffers well. You had to write a lot of code
to ensure
> all datasets, after commit and re-open, returned to their previous
> The TGrid, however, never returns to a record mid stream. It always
> the record back to the top of the grid. very noticeable for users and
> annoying.

Our appl. suite is made of 3 appl.
1 of them is made with IBO.
The other 2 are made with IBX.
IBX isn't very good, but in the very near future we will switch them
to FIB (this because the rewritting of the code is easyer).

I do hope, that FIB will offer some of the same features as IBO.
Whatever the offer, it must be more than IBX ;-)