Subject Re: Firebird Restarting part 2
Author Michael Vilhelmsen
--- In, Lucas Franzen <luc@...> wrote:
> Michael,
> > So all in all (based on 1 day of observation ;-) ) I think the sweep
> > did take a lot of res. and memory.
> Seems that you found the problem.
> Good.

Indeed it was ...

> > Another thing I tried (on a diff. DB, a smaller customer) was forcing
> > a disconnect from the DB and a connect to the DB every once in a
> > This customer now has a gab between 50 and 400. Usually it was
> > somewhere between 500 and 6000.
> >
> > I think I'll try that on this big customer DB as well.
> >
> > Anywas with any comments on this ?
> Yes.
> Try to find out which transaction(s) is (are) running that long without
> being committed and try to change this.
> Don't use SavePoints or CommitRetaining if there's a chance to use
> I would prefer this one over disconnecting and reconnecting to the
db ...

I would to.
I suspect, that somewhere I have a long running query.
But I also know, that some of the users have a bad habbit of starting
something and then leave the machine for quite some time.
I'm still not sure how to solve this easy ...


Thx for the letter ;-)
Much appreciated.....