Subject Re: Firebird Restarting part 2
Author Michael Vilhelmsen
Yesterday was the first day with all users connected and the sweep

The GAB became as large as 200K, but noone noticed.
When everybody disconnected at nigth it shrank down to 1.

The sweep ran in the middle of the nigth and took 25 minutes.

The memory use was significantly smaller at the time where it has
prev. been a problem.

So all in all (based on 1 day of observation ;-) ) I think the sweep
did take a lot of res. and memory.

Another thing I tried (on a diff. DB, a smaller customer) was forcing
a disconnect from the DB and a connect to the DB every once in a while.
This customer now has a gab between 50 and 400. Usually it was
somewhere between 500 and 6000.

I think I'll try that on this big customer DB as well.

Anywas with any comments on this ?