Subject Re: I am crying: cannot sort on a field that does not exists
Author vincent_kwinsey

I have the same error message when making select from some tables.
There is excellent thread:
where ths type of error message indicates that maximum size of
select statement (64k under some special metrics) is achieved and
pepole suggest that they manage to avoid this message when some
fields are removed from select's field list.

I have different issue - there is no clear way to reproduce this
message. Users report that it appears after some hours of work with
data from one special table. When backup/restore is done - then
message disappers on some days and then - it is back again!! We are
using some tens of datbases with the same structure and approx.
similar load distribution on tables - but only on DB file
gives 'cannot sort on a field that does not exists'.

Can anyone suggest some to avoid this?

--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@...>
> At 06:48 PM 5/08/2005 +0000, you wrote:
> >Suddenly I am getting this error when selecting from a table
> >
> >
> >Both from ibexpert and my application.
> What is the error? (9-digit error code and exact message, since
> doesn't have an error message like "cannot sort on field that does
> exist[s]".
> >Is that a sign of database corruption?
> Well, it is true that you cannot sort on a field that doesn't
exist. Is
> SAFACTURAS a table? or is it a view containing a GROUP BY?
> If the exception was isolated in IBExpert, one might guess that
you were
> using a version that was throwing an error from a system table
query, due
> to changes in the on-disk structures; but there is some other
> if you are getting the same non-standard error message in your own
> >-Benton
> >Using FB 1.0.3 on Red Hat Linux
> What about the Windows client? Is it loading the correct version
> gds32.dll? Does it have a rogue interbase.msg sitting somewhere
in the
> application path?
> ./heLen