Subject Upgrade from FB v1.0 to v2.0

Currently I am running FB v1.0 in Win2K-Pro, I want upgrade my FB to v2.0
Innitially I want to install the FB v2.0 to another Win2K machine and will test everything there and will see if everything are okays and then we will goes to production environment.

I have done the following steps:
1) Backup my current database into OLDDB.gbk with gbak from FBv1.0.
2) Install FBv2.0 to new Win2K machine
3) I am trying to restore OLDDB.gbk to NEWDB.fdb in the new machine
but I got error message "Unavailable database" ..."Failed to create database NEWDB.fdb"

Am I have missed some steps ?
Hello friends...please help me.

Thanks you
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