Subject Season's Greetings and problem
Author Salvatore Besso
hello all,

I'm facing a strange problem with Firebird final (Win XP Pro SP2
updated). The guardian is not always able to automatically start the server.
I'd like to point out that I have just reinstalled the whole Windows and of
course Firebird, so all the installations are fresh and clean :-)

Looking in the Windows event viewer I have found this:

Unable to find event ID description (212) in origin
Local computer could not have necessary information in system registry or
DLL files to show messages from a remote computer. Use /AUXSOURCE = flag to
description. For further information, look on-line help and technical
support. The
following information are part of the event: The registry information is
Please run the Firebird Configuration Utility. Launch the server thread.
errno: 1055.

Please note that this text was in Italian and I have translated it to my
best knowledge :-) So what does it mean since the installation is fresh (the
service works fine if I then start it manually using the Firebird control

The "DefaultInstance" value in the registry is present and I suppose that
it's pointing to the right location. This is the actual value (Programmi =
Program Files in Italian :-)


Thanks and Season's Greetings