Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: Firebird Restarting part 2
Author Alan McDonald
> I have a theory ...
> This customer with the problem loves to do all sorts of statistical
> reports all the time. More than every other customer we have.
> Could it be, that someone is doing something in the morning, and
> thereby having a long running transaction - This will cause the gab
> between OAT and NT to grow during the day.
> Then at nigth they have to do there daily rutine, which is writing
> some report, updating some fields etc.
> To do this, they have to switch programs. And thereby they will close
> every open query and commit the work.
> This will cause the sweep to kick in (sinse the gab is more than 20.000).
> At the same time the users starts the daily rutine, and makes new
> transactions - At this time the memory consumption is at its peak, the
> sweep is running and everybody complains about speed. And someone
> can't connect due to the fact that all 2 Gb of RAM has been used.
> Is this case - What will happed if I disable the sweep - and manually
> make a sweep at nigth (just after the backup) ?
> Michael

that's what I'd try. Sweep is very intensive when there's lots of work to
Schedule a sweep first, then do a backup with garbage collection.