Subject Re: Firebird Restarting part 2
Author Michael Vilhelmsen
> I recollected one more possible case when memory allocated but
not used - are
> you have something like statement cache in your application ?

Statement cache is what ?

Are you sure you
> close all statement handles ?

I should do that.
I spend quite some time a year ago optimizing this exect problem.
But I'm beginning to wonder if somewhere another error of mine has
been introduced.....

How many statements can be allocated in all
> instances of your application simultaneously ?

Normal not that many.
The time when is goes crazy though - the user can make up to 3 querys
in the same transactions.
They will properly all return some 1000 - 2000 records.
Rigth now I'm trying to optimize this to see what effect I'll gain.

Thank you Vlad.
Your information so far has given me a little more knowlegde and some
things to look into.


> Every statement have it's own memory pool at least 64KB
> Regards,
> Vlad