Subject Re: Firebird Restarting part 2
Author Michael Vilhelmsen
> 25,000 between the oldest active and the next.
> approx 76,000 transactions per day based on total numbers since June 14
> it's a large gap but at that rate of transactions, it doesn't look too
> silly - about 8 hours behind.
> really round numbers here, but at your user level (maybe average 75)
> about 1000 transaction per user per day (about 2 trans per minute).
> no way of telling if one user is keeping it back 25 days behind the
rest or
> all users are keeping it 8 hours behind the leader.
> It would be interesting to see if this gap closes during quieter
times and
> widens again during busy times or if it remains that wide all the time.
> Maybe my logic is warped....

Hm - When everybody disconnects at nigth, the gab closes down to
somewhere between 2 and 1000.
This happens every evening.
I know this, because this was a major concern at a certain point in time.
So almost 2 years ago I optimized my programs, and made sure that
every transaction I start gets committed.

Bur during the day the gab usually get bigger and bigger until they
start to disconnect.
I have seen it as big as 100K.
But usually it around 20 - 40 K at all time.

> Alan