Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird vs Postgres
Author Lester Caine
Richard Wesley wrote:
>>> - Postgres has a much richer built in function set.
>> Partly true, but you can't add functions to Posgres like you can
>> Firebird, so some of my local Firebird stuff can't be ported to it.
> Yes, but while there are some great UDF packages out there (we use
> FreeAdHocUDF) it is not so nice if you just want some common
> functionality (e.g. exponents, stddev, variance). At the very least,
> you have to load the darn things into EVERY database you might want
> to use them with. So while it is great to be extensible, it would
> also be nice to have more stuff built in.

Of cause the problem with that is the nice small size gets messed up.
The simple fact that I DON'T need to include every function is a plus.
But the library I use has I number of functions that will never be part
of a standard and allow me to lock customers into Firebird ;)

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