Subject Re: [firebird-support] gfix questions
Author Ann W. Harrison
Markus Ostenried wrote:
> I've started with using IB 5.x, I guess I'm still sensitive to old
> problems from that times :)
> So the old problem was with something like a page number overflowing
> and restarting from the beginning, but only on 32bit file systems?

Even on Fat32, which doesn't have 64bit file addressing, Firebird and
InterBase 6 and higher recognize that the 32 bit file pointer is about
to roll over and stop before they overwrite the file. Yes, 5.6 and
earlier did have a pointer that just rolled over and started again
at the beginning of the file.

The problem is not 32 or 64 bit file systems, but with the code in
InterBase which used a 32 bit value as a file pointer.