Subject Re: Firebird Restarting part 2
Author Michael Vilhelmsen
> if I saw this error in my logs I would be doing a backup/restore
> to ensure no corruption.

This DB contains 1 table with 38 records.
They are all there.
There is never add'ed any records.
There is never deleted any records.
A backup - restore can be performed tonigth, but wasn't last night.

> Was the db moved by backup, then restore on the new server? or file

It was copied from the old server to the new one.
No users where connected at the time.
The FB was stopped prior to copying.

> Is E a physical HD? hope it's not a logical one - I don't know what
> storage" means if it's not a real HD.

Its a RAID 10 storage. I think its called a SAN array.

> How may simultaneous users do you have?

between 50 and 200. Give or take a few.

> I always had in the back of my mind that 100 would be tops - after
that I
> use a 3rd tier.

This I don't understand.

> Alan