Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird vs Postgres
Author Richard Wesley
On Dec 20, 2006, at 07:38, heineferreira wrote:

> How does Firebird compare to Postgresql?
> I have downloaded both database systems and would like to know
> the advantages and disadvantages of both.
> I read somewhere on the internet that Postgres needs vast amounts of
> ram for big databases. A friend of mine says that he runs 30gb
> databases on entry level pc's. The reason why I want to compare the
> two is because they are the only databasis that are 100% open source
> and free for commercial use. From what I could gather it looks like
> Postgresql comes with quite a good and free database administration
> tool. It seems however that FlameRobin is very basic and is still in
> 0.75 release.

Some things I have observed writing a connectivity layer for both of

- Firebird has much better collation support - down to the column
- Postgres is faster, and is not nearly as sensitive to indexing
- Postgres has a much richer built in function set.
- Firebird is embeddable and file-based.

Richard Wesley Senior Software Developer Tableau