Subject Re: [firebird-support] default value
Author Paul Vinkenoog
Ivan Prenosil wrote:

> For each field, application reads separately its value and
> null-flag. The null flag is read only when application asks for it.
> The default behavior (specified in xsqlda during prepare) is that
> null flag is not read for Not Null fields (the rule is a bit more
> complex), but there is no problem for application to ask null flag
> always.

Thanks, that explains everything. I think we should definitely
consider to change isql's behaviour here (and maybe even the default
engine behaviour), because this keeps causing people trouble. If
something is null, it should be reported as null, *especially* in NOT
NULL fields, so the user knows he has to do something about it.

> You can try FSQL tool from this site
> it will show null state correctly.

Very good. You just earned yourself - and FSQL - a luxury seat in the
new Null Guide :-)

Paul Vinkenoog