Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird 1.3 stops with lock error
Author Ann W. Harrison
Julie Paten wrote:
> Our fbcs1.5.3.4870-0 stopped functioning due to the
> following errors in the logs. Had a google around but found
> nothing in english that may indicate what the errors may be.
> Other than something about lock table version in interbase.

> localhost.localdomain Fri Dec 15 20:05:42 2006
> ISC_kill: process 3520 couldn't deliver signal 16 to
> process 31134: permission denied

The problem appears to be a protection violation on delivering
a signal. That often means that two classic processes are in
different groups and there is no lock relay running as root.

> We are only running one version of the database on our
> linux fedora core 4 server. Could this be object related.
> We are transitioning to v2 objects.

What do you mean "transitioning to v2 objects?" - One of the
changes in Firebird 2 is that all processes running in classic
must be members of the firebird group. (At least that's my
recollection) With V2, you no longer need a lock relay and
beyond that, it won't work because the files are protected
so that only members of the Firebird group can access them.