Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: GBak Param List
Author Helen Borrie
>--- In, "slalom91" <slalom91@...> wrote:
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> > Can someone give me the correct param list to restore a database and
> > end up with forced writes on and a reserve for back versions. All the
> > admin tools I have used so far are no creating a reserve even when
> > specificed.
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> > Thanks.
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At 09:59 AM 15/12/2006, you wrote:

>Well what you want is the default settings, so just ** DONT USE THE

Misleading. New databases are created with default settings for
attributes. GBak restores whatever attributes are set: it doesn't
revert to defaults.

BTW, the -use_all_space switch takes arguments: full | reserve
(which I've just realised I used wrongly in an example in another
post, since arguments don't have a preceding hyphen).

>The forced writes attribute is part of your database and is stored in
>the backup, so if you backup your database with asynchronous writes,
>it will restore with asynchronous writes.

It would be clearer to say: if you back up a database that has
asynchronous writes set (i.e. forced writes OFF), it will be restored
with the same setting.