Subject Re: [firebird-support] GBak Param List
Author Helen Borrie
At 09:37 AM 15/12/2006, you wrote:
>Can someone give me the correct param list to restore a database and
>end up with forced writes on and a reserve for back versions.

Gbak can't change the database attributes (stuff such as database
dialect, forced writes, cache size, reserve space). Use the gfix
tool for that.

To enable forced (synchronous) writes:
gfix -write sync path/to/database -user sysdba -password whatever

To enable reserve space:
gfix -use -reserve path/to/database -user sysdba -password whatever

>All the admin tools I have used so far are no creating a reserve even when

Can't comment on that as there are zillions of admin tools out
there....but you need to be SYSDBA or database owner to change
database attributes.