Subject Re: My ACCOUNTING table structure
Author jrodenhi
If you don't mind, I will put my two cents worth in here. I have used
ReportBuilder and I now use FastReport. I like FastReport a lot. I
used to program at a pretty big property management software company.
They use VB, SQL Server and Crystal Reports. Crystal Reports is a
real heavy weight computer hog.

FastReport has everything I need from Crystal Reports and more. One
of the things I am hoping to make use of is that FastReport stores its
report definition in an *.fr3 file which is a fairly straightforward
XML file. I hope to be able to set up a series of standard report
templates and then fill in user specified column layouts like Quicken.

ReportBuilder has a lot of nice features, but it wants some of the
space in your database and a fair amount of your time for
configuration. With FastReport, the path to a good solution for me
was much more straightforward.

On the downside, the people from FastReport don't pay enough attention
to their newsgroup and there isn't a readily available connection from
IBObjects to FastReport for Delphi 2006.

--- In, James N Hitz <jamhitz@...> wrote:
> Sorry to drive this thread further off-topic and "off-group" but I
> help but ask, how does ReportBuilder compare to FastReport, do you know?