Subject Re: "Unable to Attach Service" error
Author Jim McKay
--- In, "Jim McKay" <jdmckay@...> wrote:
> Hello:
> Win2k pro SP4, FB v:
> Have not used FB in a year or so... worked fine then on this machine.
> Trying to connect to the (local) server(s) now, I'm getting error
> (subject line) or something similiar from one of several DB admin
> tools. Now in BDS '06, no DB access (IB/IBX/DBExpr) period.
> I have a successful PING to localhost (set up in HOST file). Also
> tried troubleshooting suggesting in Helen's book, no luck.
> My system event log has repeated entry:
> Error: Service Control Manager
> Event: 7024
> The Distributed Transaction Coordinator service terminated with
> service-specific error 3221229584.
> Could this be it?
> Poking around, seems most common problem here is firewall software,
> but I have none installed & AFAIK W2k has none natively, correct?
> Ok, thanks for any help here.

running classic w/guardian, mostly default config. Tried SS w/out
guardian & port reassignemtn ('51/2) w/out luck.