Subject Database file permissions upon creation under linux
Author terix3000

i stated under linux firebird creates the file containing the database
with the following permissions 600, in this way nobody can read the
database except root or the firebird user.

That's fine for almost every situation. anyway in my application i'm
backing up a database.

Strangely the backup has 664 this way i could get the
backup file in my own machine and restore the databse, but that's
another story.

I was saying i backup my databse metadta and i recreate an empty
database that i should copy. Unfortunately the freshly created
database has 600 permissions, so it can't be copied. I tried to see if
there's some kind of parameter inside firebird.conf and gone throught
the sources but i've been unable to find the point where the database
is created.

Anybody can help? thank you