Subject Re: AW: [firebird-support] Re: Update: CPU Pegged on Firebird v2
Author Helen Borrie
At 10:31 PM 13/12/2006, Michael Möhle wrote:
>Adam, does the setting work on Linux? From firebird.conf:
># ===========================
># SuperServer Engine Settings
># ===========================
># ----------------------------
># Which CPUs should be used (Windows Only)
># In an SMP system, sets which processors can be used by the server.
># The value is taken from a bit map in which each bit represents a CPU.
># Thus, to use only the first processor, the value is 1. To use both
># CPU 1 and CPU 2, the value is 3. To use CPU 2 and CPU 3, the value
># is 6. The default value is 1.
># Type: integer
>#CpuAffinityMask = 1

The CPUAffinityMask applies to
Superserver/Windows only, to prevent the
"see-saw" effect between physical CPUs. It used
not to be an issue on POSIX...but this isn't the
first time I've seen a report of its occurring on
AMD64 dual core CPUs on Linux or, rather, on the
i64 Linuxen. I think it is worth asking about it on Firebird-devel.