Subject UIB dbexpress drivers and Borland Developer Studio 2006 and Firebird 2.0
Author bruceeglington2
What else is needed to get the UIB dbexpress driver to work with
Borland Developer Studio 2006 and Firebird 2.0.

I have downloaded the latest version of synedit and compile the
package synedit_r2006. Then, using version UIB2.1, I have compiled
package JvUIBD2006Win32R. Finally, one should compile and install
package JvUIBD2006Win32D but I keep getting an error
"Can't load package JvUIBD2006Win32D. The system can't find the file
Looking at the details for this message, seems to imply that BDS2006
can't find files coreide100.bpl and delphicoreide100.bpl

I have tried to get help in the Delphi newsgroups but get no response
from anybody so am trying here in the hope that somebody knows.