Subject Message length error
Author Bob Murdoch
I am having a strange problem with an FB 1.5 database.

In a before insert trigger on a table, I call 'execute procedure' to
calculate a billing rate. This same concept has been used any number
of times in other applications and programs that I've written.
However, in this application, I am receiving an error message of
'Message length error (encountered 62, expected 66)'.

The code in the after insert trigger looks like this:
execute procedure calc_billing_rate(:vItemID, new.billing_code)
returning_values :vBillingRate;

I've narrowed the code in the stored procedure to simply:

create procedure calc_billing_rate(id integer, billing_code char(5))
returns (billing_rate numeric(9,2))
billing_rate = 0.0;

After looking thru past entries on this list, I have tried adding a
'suspend' to the SP. I have tried changing the 'execute procedure' to
a select within the trigger. Both have the same error.

The database backs up and restores without error.

Going crazy,

Bob M..