Subject Borland Database Explorer & Firebird
Author Erik GIls
Hi There

I’m currently trying to migrate my Interbase 5.5
application to a firebird database. I’m running into a
problem though. My application has been written in
Delphi 6 based on the database express component.

I installed Firebird on my laptop that serves as a
develop/test enviroment. I switched of the Interbase
server that is also installed on my laptop off first.
After the manual install of firebird (and modifying
the dbxconnections file) my application works fine.

Socondly I tried either the application (with the new
firebird components/GDS32 file) still worked over the
network with our current interbase server. This also
worked fine.

The problems start if I try to enter the database
using the Borland Database Explorer. If I try to do so
locally, there is no way I get acces to the database.
I’ve experimented with the new GDS32 as well as with
the old one. The Borland IDE just terminates without
giving any error-message.

The only method that I found to get acces to the
database (other than my application) was the old GDS32
file in combination with the Interbase server over the

Thanks in advance !


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