Subject Re: [firebird-support] CREATE ROLE PUBLICO
Author Fabiano Bonin
create role publico;
The next statement causes the following error:

This operation is not defined for system tables.
unsuccessful metadata update.
user name PUBLICO could not be used for SQL role.
create role publico

Strange... I created a new database and i was able to create the role also.
But i'm still getting the message above with some existing databases. The
owner of all my databases is SYSDBA. I have a very small database thai i can
send if someone think it's worth to take a look, but it is probably some
local problem...



On 12/4/06, Nando Dessena <nando@...> wrote:
> Fabiano,
> F> Why can't i create a role with this name in FB 2.0?
> dunno. I can. Stating which error message you get might help you to
> get some guesses.
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