Subject Re: [firebird-support] Server and DB page sizes and memory
Author Ann W. Harrison
> Currently I'm using
> SortMemBlockSize = 1048576 (Default)
> SortMemUpperLimit = 1073741824 (1G)
> It didn't seem to me like increasing the SortMemBlockSize should make
> much of a performance difference by reading the description, but perhaps
> I'm wrong?

The SortMemBlockSize limits the length of a sorted run ... and I think
that when a run gets to that size, it's written to disk. The upper
limit is just for merging the runs (I think).

> I'm still getting fairly slow write performance however... I would hope
> 5 discs in raid-0 could update 4.5 million records in less than around
> 10 minutes, but apparently not.

Can you tell us more about the write operations?