Subject Firebird.framework on OSX
Author gijeca
Hi, I'm trying to build a very simple app on OSX using XCode & Firebird.
I link my project (Cocoa/Objective- C++) against Firebird.Framework
(V1.5.3.4870 intel) and it all compiles ok.

Everything works (I can communicate with Firebird, execute SQL
statements, etc.) until I click on the application' s menu (??).
Everytime I click on the Apple icon or any of the menu options, the
app crashes.
This menu is auto-generated by XCode when you create a
Coca/Objective- C application.

Looking at the debugger output, it seems to be a problem with the
Firebird library.

This problem is easy to reproduce. Just link an empty
Cocoa/Objective-C app. to Firebird.framework and execute it. As soon
as you click on a menu item the app crashes.

Any help would be appreciated.