Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: how can I appoint port number in TIBOLogService
Author Alan McDonald
> The TIBOLogService Object is not a component,
> when we want to get the service Log, we check the IBOConsole
> code, and got it. and dont confused with my email address, I am
> in Australia, so my company can bought it, which is business,
> and I dont know the detail, our boss deal with it.
> and I do it in an easy way, require users to give database
> file, and connect to database, if the database file is correct,
> I can use IBO components to get the version, which does work to
> firebird and interbase, I have finished it.
> Thx
> Roc

ok - so it's code broken out of IBOConsole. Now back to your original
question. Could you restate it please? Saying it a different way may make it
easier for us to understand your question