Subject Re: how can I appoint port number in TIBOLogService
Author heroes3lover
> I'm afraid this needs some clarification anyway. - too many
negatives, if
> no, but if not, will not only.... - very confusing. ("but if not"
> there IS a service running?)
> Alan

Sorry about this, Yes ,you can test it like what I did.
1. remote server listening port is 3050.
2. client, set the remoteserverport=3050, restart service,
open IBOConsole,
then connect to remote server.(it will be ok)
3. change client firebird configuration remoteserverport=3051,
(dont restart service), reopen IBOConsole,
connect to server, then you will find
it take a long time, but still can connect!
4. restart service, connect to server again, you will find you
can not connect now.......(so strange logic, I dont know why..)