Subject Re: Gbak restore problem , failing reporting nulls where non exist
Author Peter Chaisty
Hi all

False alarm, workbench was displaying 0's where there were nulls
Gbak was correct all the time


--- In, "Peter Chaisty" <peter@...>
> Hi I wonder if anyone can help / make any suggestions.
> I have a backup of a live db which I make daily backups of.
> This is the first time I attempted to restore this particular db
> though I do have others of a similar structure I have succesfully
> restored.
> Restoring using gbak is failing with the error
> gbak: restoring data for table DOWNLOADED_PINS
> gbak: 961 records restored
> gbak: restoring index PK_COST_GROUPS
> gbak: restoring index PK_TERMINAL_REDIRECTS
> gbak: restoring index U_TERMINAL_REDIRECTS
> gbak: restoring data for table TERMINAL_REDIRECTS
> gbak: ERROR: validation error for column TERMINAL_ID, value "***
null ***"
> gbak: ERROR: warning -- record could not be restored
> gbak: Exiting before completion due to errors
> running gfix -v -full reports no errors
> If I restore with the -n option then the process goes through.
> I only have a few entries in the table Terminal_redirects and
> columd_id is a PK and has no null entries.
> I am using Firebird 1.5.2 on windows
> running a restore on linux also gives the same error.
> I would welcome advice / suggestions.
> Rgds
> Peter