Subject Re: Possible memory leak in FBCLIENT.DLL
Author Bozzy
Well, in fact it's not my fault. My Delphi programs are based on a
suite of DB access components that implements this "feature".

This suite (I think I can't mention its name 'cause it's commercial)
supports multiple database engines, so it loads the relevant DB client
library only when the first connection to the DB is made, 'cause only
then it knows to what DB engine I'm trying to connect to. When the
last connection is closed, the client library is released.

I use these components on an application server that connects and
disconnects from the DB when clients request data... so at every
client connection the DLL is loaded and unloaded, eating up a lot of
memory after thousands of connections.

I'm watching at the windows task manager to see the memory used by the

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--- In, Stefan Heymann <lists@...> wrote:
> What's the point in iteratively loading and freeing fbclient.dll? Even
> if it leaks memory, this is no problem when the library is loaded once
> at the start of your application.
> How did you measure your program's memory usage?
> Best Regards
> Stefan
> > Sorry for reposting. Got no answer to this question.
> > Can anyone investigate this very annoying problem?
> > Best Regards,
> > Bozzy.
> > --- In, "Bozzy" <public1@> wrote:
> >>
> >> Hi.
> >>
> >> I'm suspecting a memory leak in FBCLIENT.DLL
> >> initialization/finalization. By simply loading
> >> and unloading multiple times the library in a
> >> test program, I see the program's memory usage
> >> continuously increasing. The amount of "lost"
> >> memory is about 8.9KB per cycle using FBCLIENT.DLL
> >> version and 8.1KB using FBCLIENT.DLL
> >> version The test program uses LoadLibrary
> >> and FreeLibrary Windows APIs.
> >>
> >> Can anyone investigate it or tell me where I'm wrong?
> >>
> >> Sincerely,
> >> Bozzy.
> >>