Subject Firebird on Solaris Sparc
Author Alex Castillo

I'd like to install Firebird on a Solaris/Sparc server, but I've checked that only exists packages for version 1.5.2 Classic Server (CS). Do you know if there are plans to port version 1.5.3 SS to Solaris/Sparc? Will we have a FB2 for Solaris/Sparc?

On the other hand, Release Notes for 1.5.2 say that SS API is supported now on CS, That means that I shouldn't be worried about compatibility between CS and SS servers? I mean, I'm developing for .net and I shouldn't be worried if I use CS as server.

I've used FB on win/lin/i386 for some years and this is my fist time on solaris/sparc, so I hope you can help me with my concerns.

Thanks & regards.

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