Subject Firebird on Ubuntu 6.10: cannot stop server
Author skoczian
This is most probably an Ubuntu problem, but I sent a support request
to launchpad three days ago and didn't get any answer up to now.
Perhaps somebody here can help, or tell me if a bug report would be
the right thing.

So here goes:

Using Ubuntu Edgy with the Firebird packages belonging to it (version
1.5.3., SuperServer). I want to start and stop the server manually.

Calling "sudo /etc/init.d/firebird2 start" gives the message
"/etc/init.d/firebird2: 28: source: not found", but the server starts
and I can use it normally. The error message is definitely new with
Edgy, didn't happen with Dapper.

Calling "sudo /etc/init.d/firebird2 stop" gives first the same
message, then:
"Stopping Firebird server: Your user name and password are not
defined. Ask your database administrator to set up a Firebird login.
can not attach to server"
The server doesn't stop, I can still connect to it. This might not be
new, I don't always stop the server explicitly.

Line 28 of the starting script and the lines just before:

# read actual password from SYSDBA.password if it exists
[ -e "$DBAPasswordFile" ] && source "$DBAPasswordFile" # <- Line 28

The file /etc/firebird2/SYSDBA.password exists and contains the SYSDBA
password. But that shouldn't be necessary to start and to stop the
server, should it?

User and group firebird exist, user firebird belongs to group firebird.

The first line of the script, in case this might be relevant.


Is "source" perhaps a bash command? "help source" works, "man source"

Thanks for any help,