Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Local Connection and Default Windows User
Author Paul Vinkenoog
Hi all,

> I'm suspicious that there's something here that Guido has
> overlooked, e.g., he is trying to make an IPServer login from a
> locally-running remote desktop shell; or needs to double-check to
> see whether, at some point, he inadvertently installed Classic;

Then Administrator would also not be able to connect locally. This is
certainly very, very puzzling.

One scenario I thought of is the following:

Suppose there's an embedded engine lying around, and that Guido's app
connects to this library. If he specifies a hostname, it will act as
just a client and connect to the local Superserver via TCP/IP. Since
the server can evidently access the db file, the connection succeeds.

But if he doesn't provide a hostname, the embedded engine tries to
open the database, in which case Guido needs R/W access. Now he said
in his first post that user Guido had full access to the folder in
question. Maybe he needs to double-check if he also has full access
to the file itself.

I know this is far-fetched, but it's really a weird case.

Alternatively, is it possible that some users (e.g. Administrator) can
use the local protocol and others can't?

Paul Vinkenoog